2021 Business Update

As we begin to reopen we must continue to put safety first, and be prepared, be nimble and adapt to the facts and the science.

While COVID-19 halted commerce and changed how people work and live all around the world, we have met these challenges with innovation, a sense of community, and a renewed focus on establishing the organization to meet the economic, social and business climate of the transition. We deploy capital to invest in solutions to the crisis and open sourced patents in medical devices to support front line medical workers, and COVID-19 patients during the crisis.

Operating a global organization during this global shutdown has shown the weak areas in developing markets, and laid bare vulnerabilities in our supply chains. We must balance trade, and foreign direct investment with robust domestic preparedness and supply to continue to lead the world.

2020 is a productive year of restructuring, addressing capital and debt structures, and bolstering our infrastructure and supply chain to address the challenges of the future. We work closely with the IRS and SEC as we continue to prepare for our Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange. We have successfully negotiated cooperation agreements and partnerships in various lines of business securing our future business. We develop innovative ways to manage capital and investments remotely and manage projects for late 2020 and 2021, with contingency.

Although content distribution models were forced to shift investments from Theaters and Broadway to Streaming. Renaissance Media Productions has harnessed this opportunity to re-imagine the theater and theatrical business model making it more adaptable and poised for the reopening, with an exciting line up of projects sure to bring customers back to theaters.

Renaissance Media Productions is uniquely prepared to weather the transition with advantages including a robust diversified portfolio, a content distribution platform, and a robust and thriving vision for the future.

IPO Announcement

Renaissance Media Productions is making its Initial Public Offering.

We have begun to comply with the public reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission and plan to list with a stock exchange next year.


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